Acceptance and Individuality

We are all made in the image of God. As such, our congregation embraces people of all shades, stories, ages, and ideas. We do not seek to mold individuals into a human picture of perfection, or to fit them into pre-sorted categories. We are here to help them restore their unique reflection of God’s glory, and discover their personal role, in shared ministry with Jesus Christ, to bring about the realm of God on earth.

Pioneering Spirits

We celebrate individuals with a pioneering Spirit, those who are brave enough to try new things and forge unfamiliar ground. Such a Spirit creates true seekers, authentically searching to understand the longing that God has placed in each of us. The Spirit propels longtime believers who refuse to become mere settlers to blaze new trails for those who follow behind.

Worship, Service, & Fellowship

In the midst of our busy lives, we find exceeding joy, rich meaning, and soulful renewal when we take time to praise God in worship, serve Christ in the community, and relax in the company of fellow believers. Through the Word spoken and sung in worship, we receive what we need to care for each other and for “the least of these” to whom Christ call us to minister. We work to help people form deep, rewarding relationships that draw them closer to one another by growing closer to the Lord.

God has entrusted us as the Body of Christ with a strategic location, a beautiful sanctuary, and a precious heritage. Our facilities sit at a crossroads where people in all walks of life, from society's most successful to its least noticed, pass by every day. We have the perfect opportunity to be a hub for outreach, a center of events, and a beacon of understanding in our community.

Our Church traces its beginnings back to 1903, when a group of interested Disciples of Christ met to consider the establishment of a new church in East Dallas. On November 15, 1903, under the leadership of John A. Stevens, East Dallas Christian Church was organized and a new frame church was dedicated on site at Victor and Peak Streets. Four years later, the frame building was moved to Junius and Peak Streets where the Church stands today here.