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We've all been there. The alarm didn't go off, the dog had an accident on the carpet, breakfast got burnt, the kids just won't get out of bed when you tell them to, and no one wants to wear shoes. Sometimes getting out of the house and making it to church by 9:30 am in time for Sunday School (with or without children) can seem impossible .

On those mornings when it seems like it will have to take a herculean effort to make it out the door on time, I invite you to take a moment to remember why Sunday School is important for you and your kids.

10 Reasons to Bring Your Child to Sunday School
1. Age-Targeted Teaching—We work hard to make sure we have appropriate curriculum so that the Word of God can best meet your child where they are developmentally.
2. It's Fun!—The children are encouraged to engage with scripture and with each other each week in a fun and exciting way. They participate in a variety of activities, including games and crafts.
3. Friends—When children discover God's Word together, they begin to build positive relationships that they will carry with them as they age in the church.
4. Spiritual Mentors—At a young age, children see God through those who care for them. By allowing your child the opportunity to make connections with dedicated Sunday School teachers and helpers, you offer them fuller experiences with God.
5. Praying Teachers—Our teachers consistently pray for your child's faith to grow. Coming to Sunday School gives another occasion for God to answer those requests.
6. Children's Church & Sunday School are Different—While these programs do have some overlap, they both offer unique and wonderful aspects to your child's faith development. Sunday School teaches children how to engage in scripture and its themes on a fundamental level. Children's Church, in turn, teaches children how to wonder about God and offers a liturgical structure for small children to worship in an age-appropriate way.
7. Send the Right Message—Making Sunday School a priority shows your kids that God's Word is more important than some extra pillow-time.
8. Adult Bible Fellowship—While the children enjoy their class, you can fellowship with other adults in your own Sunday School class. We have several options for Sunday School time--you're invited to check them out!
9. You'll Be on Time—If you're already in the building for Sunday School, you'll definitely make it to worship at 10:50. It's the easiest way to avoid being late.
10. Consistency—Sunday School lets the church do all of the above with consistency. When children have consistency in their lives, they feel cared for, secure, and loved. Isn't that the environment we want to provide for our children?